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Soften your accent, increase your effectiveness.

At London Speech Workshop, we have worked with hundreds of clients since 2008, helping them to become more effective, confident communicators.

For non-native English speakers, we have developed The Serlin Methodâ„¢ for Accent Softening, which focusses on the sounds that hold on to your accent, and helps you to move your pronunciation closer to natural English.

"I noticed an immediate improvement, and I was suddenly being taken more seriously at work. Without London Speech Workshop, and my coach, I never would have this experience"

- Gosenia, Accent Softening Client.

In this exclusive eBook our founder, Emma Serlin, reveals for the first time steps you can take to begin your journey to stronger, more efficient communication in English. If you have found that your accent has proved a barrier to making connections or to your success, then this book will be an invaluable resource.

LSW offers a range of courses in accent softening and effective communication, and this book gives you an understanding of some of the core principles and exercises we use to coach our clients.


Free eBook: How to Stop Your Accent Getting in the Way