Engaging Online Presentations
90 Minute Masterclass

You may be well-versed and at ease presenting to large crowds, but what happens when you're faced with having to do this virtually? How do you make an impact and keep your online audience engaged?

Wow your online audience...

The Coronavirus has changed the world around us and many of us have suddenly found ourselves working remotely.  And if you're used to presenting to large groups, there's a strong chance you're now faced with trying to engage that same audience online.

There's every chance it's not quite the walk in the park you were expecting.  Presenting online is an art form.  Simplicity is key.  But we're here to help walk you through what you need to know.

This one-to-one 90 minute masterclass on Engaging Online Presentation ensures you're set up to wow your audience - from the comfort of your home.

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What would you achieve from our Engaging Online Presentations Masterclass



Getting your point across online is an art in itself. Learn how to use tone, pace, and inflection to come across with gravitas and certainty, while avoiding some common pitfalls, such as ‘upspeak’.



Learn the importance of online eye contact and how to make sure your audience feel you are speaking to them and for them. Connection is a huge aspect of successful presentations and does not need to disappear even though you are online.



Armed with the right tools, you will learn the art of non-verbal communication online: how to have authority and presence, what is too little and what is too much, and why your body language is essential online to holding your listener's attention.



If you have some verbal ticks, filler sounds or bad habits, then it is important that they dont get in the way when delivering a presentation. Our technique shows you how to rid yourself of these distractions so that other people can focus entirely on you and your message.

Engaging Online Presentations Masterclass

Our masterclasses are specifically designed to teach you effective tools to adapt and improve your communication - in just 90 minutes. 

With the Engaging Online Presentations masterclass you can use the time with your coach to prepare for a specific presentation that you have in the diary or to simply to learn tips and tools to ensure that you make a great impression every time you present online. 

We can work with you on a variety of areas from:

  • Our 3 steps for sounding engaging using emphasis, pauses and landing your points
  • How to avoid bad habits and filler sounds
  • Ensuring your non verbal communication is up to speed
  • Bringing colour and movement to your voice

Want to sign up? This is how it works:

Step 1. Book and pay for your session using the form to the right.

Step 2. Your LSW coach will call you for a ten minute chat to discuss your goals and book you in for your session.

Step 3. Your coach will then prepare a bespoke plan for you so your masterclass is tailored exactly to your needs, and you can make the most of every minute of your session.

Step 4. You will be given the ZOOM meeting details and our client success manager Jaisal will be there to support with any technical issues or questions.

Step 5. At the end of the session, you will receive a recording of your session so that you can revisit and exercises and tools at your convenience.


"This engaging presentations online masterclass is vital for those having to give presentations online who are wanting to up their game. In short, the things that people struggle with in ordinary presentations - such as not being engaging or going too fast - are multiplied online - because it is harder to engage on a screen. And with bandwidth issues and acoustic ones - anything that makes you less clear in a room is going to be even worse online. If this is an area where you feel backfooted, then this 90 minutes is an investment in your presentations online and offline."

Emma Serlin, Founder of LSW

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