Executive Presence Online
90 Minute Masterclass

At this time of remote working, it is more important than ever that managers are able to keep their team positive, instil confidence in clients and stakeholders, and move into this new space with presence and power. So if you're feeling like some support would help you step into that virtual space with impact, then this 90 minute course is for is for you. 

Why not take our Executive Presence Masterclass? 

If you're a manager or leader there's a good chance the weight of issues on your plate has gone past the normal check list of concerns. Now, along with the usual items, you need to think about keeping your team positive, engaged and united in unprecedented conditions.

Doing this from a tiny screen in your home office may seem like a challenge. If it does, we have tools that can help you find your new communication groove - connecting, listening, and speaking with gravitas so that you can find your feet in this new space and your natural leadership. 

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What would you achieve from our Executive Presence Masterclass

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Remote working provides plenty of opportunity for poor communication, misunderstanding, demotivation and lack of responsiveness. Learn the tools to interact with your team (or clients) most effectively.



Getting your point across online is an art in itself. Learn how to use tone, pace, and inflection to come across with gravitas and certainty, while avoiding some common pitfalls, such as ‘upspeak’.



You will learn how to sustain physical executive presence through the screen. Looking at eye contact, facial expression, posture and gesture to ensure you are making the impression you need to be making.



Learn some key tools for sustaining connections with your team for managing relationships and your team in this tricky time.

Executive Presence Masterclass

Our masterclasses are specifically designed to teach you effective tools to adapt and improve your communication - in just 90 minutes.

This one-to-one 90 minute masterclass on Online Executive Presence will support you with powerful communication tools to instil confidence online, giving you a path to have presence and gravitas vocally, physically and through what you say.

We will work with you on the following areas:

  • How to hold people's attention
  • How to sound clear and engaging
  • Connecting with your team online
  • How to have virtual presence

Want to sign up? This is how it works:

Step 1. Book and pay for your session using the form to the right.

Step 2. Your LSW coach will call you for a ten minute chat to discuss your goals and book you in for your session.

Step 3. Your coach will then prepare a bespoke plan for you so your masterclass is tailored exactly to your needs, and you can make the most of every minute of your session.

Step 4. You will be given the ZOOM meeting details and our client success manager Jaisal will be there to support with any technical issues or questions.

Step 5. At the end of the session, you will receive a recording of your session so that you can revisit and exercises and tools at your convenience.

"Executive presence is ephemeral in the real world, and can seem even more tricky to establish virtually. This Masterclass will give you powerful tools for building and sustaining online presence, warmth and gravitas with your team."
Emma Serlin, Founder of LSW

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