Deliver a powerful and personal wedding speech that will provoke laughter and tears


At London Speech Workshop, your communication success is our passion. No matter what your role in the wedding, our Wedding Speech coaching package will prepare you to give the speech of your life, even if you've never given a speech before.

Why choose Wedding Speech coaching?

It's completely normal to feel nervous at the prospect of giving a wedding speech. Most of us are not natural or practised public speakers. And yet when you're given the honour of making a wedding speech, you're suddenly expected to engage hundreds of listeners and do eloquent and poetic justice to your loved ones.

Our 3-session Wedding Speech coaching package will help you to shape and structure an engaging and emotional speech, deliver it powerfully and overcome speaking nerves and fear on the day, even if you've never given a speech before. 

All Wedding Speech sessions are held one to one with our expert coaches and are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Book the Wedding Speech course for £635 with one of our Senior coaches or £855 with one of our Principal coaches. (Prices listed include VAT).

What could you achieve from our Wedding Speech course?



Our coaches will give you powerful tools to help you overcome speaking nerves and fear on the day, even if you've never given a speech before.



Learn how to tell deeply personal and emotionally engaging stories that won't leave a dry eye in the house.



Learn the foundations of the Serlin Method™, based on a foundation of performance, up-to-date psychology and coaching techniques



Public speaking training will pay dividends for the rest of your life, long after the wedding dress and suits have been packed away

Book our Wedding Speech course today

Our coaches will give you simple yet powerful tools to do yourself and your loved ones proud on the day.

The London Speech Workshop Wedding Speech Package includes a range of tools. The package includes 3 powerful sessions, ongoing support and an initial phone consultation with your coach.
  • Session 1: SOUND GREAT, DELIVER WITH IMPACT. Learn to deliver your ideas to an audience, make an impact and sound interesting. We use filming and recording so you can see and hear what works.
  • Session 2: HONE YOUR SPEECH. MANAGE NERVES. Work on the structure and content of your speech. Bring in the spice, the depth and the humour. We use classic recipes for each speech so that you can nail it on the day.
  • Session 3: BODY LANGUAGE. HUMOUR. VOICE. Learn tools for body language, vocal projection and how to get and manage laughter and applause and put it all together in a final run through. 

The Wedding Speech Package is for you if...

  • You're a bit nervous or intimidated by the prospect of delivering a speech for the upcoming wedding, and not used to public speaking
  • You've watched videos and read tips but it's not enough. You understand the theory but you just can't put it into practice.
  • You've started writing your speech, but you know it's missing that magic spark.
  • You want to improve your delivery but you're missing the tools.

The Wedding Speech Package:

  • 3 x one hour 1:1 sessions with an LSW expert coach 
  • A package made bespoke for you whether you are the groom or bride, best man or woman or father/mother of the bride
  • An LSW manual to help you warm up, manage nerves and much more
  • Email support up until your big day



"My wedding speech went off very well, and I felt good about it as I spoke. So a big thank you to you for all your help. Your training made a big difference. That leaves two daughters not yet married, with one looking likely so I may well be back for more training!" 

Charles B, Wedding Speech Coaching client

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