Women In Business Course

Are you a successful businesswoman but still feel ignored or talked over? Or do you worry about being overpowering or too emotional?

Fear not, we have your back. Our Women In Business course gives you the tools to navigate all these situations and have full control of your voice, have presence, authority and gravitas, without needing to hide your feminine qualities in the process.

Why take our Women In Business course?

Many of our female clients come to us struggling with various workplace challenges, from being told to ‘smile more’ or that they are ‘too passionate’. While men also have communication challenges at work, there are common themes for women that often lead them to feel disempowered, ignored or struggling to fulfil their potential.  

This course addresses the causes of these issues. It will arm you with the tools, knowledge and guidance to be in charge of how you come across. All women in the workplace sessions are held one to one with our expert coaches and are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

What would you achieve from our Women In Business course?



Learn how to use your natural empathy, keep emotions out of the equation, plus mental tools for managing hostile situations. The course also covers the importance of active listening and how it can support you to build rapport.



How we speak is essential to getting our message across in the right way. Learn how to use tone, pace, and inflection to come across with gravitas and certainty, while avoiding some common pitfalls, such as ‘upspeak’.



Armed with the right tools, you will learn the art of non-verbal communication: how to have authority and presence, hold your space and be in control of the impression you make.



Learn which words, language, and idioms do not serve you and why apologies and disclaimers leave you on the backfoot. Armed with tools to structure your thoughts, you'll deliver them succinctly and with clarity.

Women In Business Course

Your coach will work to put together a bespoke course tailored to your specific needs around our 6 key modules:
  1. Getting Heard - VOCAL
    Feel confident in how you use your voice to make impact.
  2. Getting Seen & Heard - PHYSICAL
    How to adjust your physicality to have presence and be noticed in a room and in a crowd.
  3. Having The Words To Back You Up - VERBAL
    From dealing with interruptions to negotiating difficult conversations, we'll look at finding the right tone and managing emotion. 
  4. Using Your Feminine Strengths
    Plugging into the qualities that we want to be championing not shying away from.
  5. Building up internal strength and knowing your value - PSYCHOLOGICAL
    Know your worth and have confidence to ask for what you need.
  6. Bringing it all together
    Exploring putting what you've learnt into practice by exploring real life situations. 
BASIC - 5 sessions - Senior Coach £725 + VAT | Principal Coach £900 + VAT
CLASSIC - 10 sessions - Senior Coach £1,400 + VAT | Principal Coach £1,750 + VAT
Each 1 hour session is taught 1:2:1 in one of our offices or over Skype. You will receive recording feedback every other session and weekly goal setting emails.
"This course is about helping women in the workplace hold space with warmth and competence, retaining feminine qualities while being able to understand and operate in a male-dominated environment with presence and authority."
Emma Serlin, Founder of LSW

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